Payload eManifest (3)

Compliance and Control.

Made Easy.



Remain Compliant in the transportation of waste and recyclables from origin through to destination.


How do we do that?

Built-in Efficiency
  • Built-in Waste Codes, Generator and Disposal Sites reduce human error.
  • Digital waste and TDG forms.
  • Built-in workflows. 
  • Client approved Generators, Receivers and Transporters.
Easy Reconciliation
  • Real-time visibility into volumes received.
  • Ensure compliance in the transportation of waste and recyclables from origin to destination.
  • Quick access to key documents.
Auditable Reporting
  • Automated DDS and AER Waste Reports.
  • Digital repository of all your documents, accessible at any time.


Regulatory Compliance
  • Easy-to-use, fully compliant manifests.
  • Easy access to TDG and Waste sheets.
  • Automate preparation of annual waste reports and documentation required for audits.
  • Quick access to key documents.
Visibility and Control
  • Save money and time with built-in notifications to ensure nothing gets missed.
  • Access to complete audit trail of all recorded events.
  • Reduction of penalties and fines.
  • Digitized DDS and Waste reports.
Corporate Sustainability
  • Help meet your corporate safety and sustainability. 
  • Ensures accurate and consistent manifest documentations are used across your organization.
  • Significantly reduces times spent completing, tracking and auditing TDG and Manifest forms.


Customer Testimonials

Payload eManifest drastically reduces the time it takes people to fill up manifests at the front end or manage waste data at the back end. Waste SME for major Canadian O&G Company
Payload eManifest ensures completeness of the manifest, standardizes the usage of the right waste codes & shipping names, and thus improves compliance. Waste SME for major Canadian O&G Company
Payload eManifest provides a very quick turnaround for confirmation of received quantities by integrating the receivers in the system, compared to the +30 days standard for the hard copy manifest.

eManifest Case Study